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Whether it's a personally designed kitchen, a door county home, or a mother in law suite, we believe everyone has their own special dream/space, their own special 'out/back' in mind... 


It's that perfect environment where we recover at the end of the day, go to on weekends, or ideally reside in all day long. Each and every one of us deserves to have environments that refresh our souls, invigorates our senses and gives us great peace of mind. 

Since 1996, architect Marc Brummel has been passionately committed to providing creative residential design solutions matching 'budget with beauty' and 'style with service'.

Inspired by nature, a 30 year old watercolor symbolically denotes his own personal 'out/back'. That thesis sketch, titled 'A View to the Water ',  has become the iconic symbol for the firm's two-pronged mission - first, bring affordable architectural services to homeowners who might never consider utilizing an architect to improve their personal environments and secondly,  design those personal environments to be as perfect as possible...

With our many years of commercial work at BAG, we bring experience and knowledge to your residential project. We can foresee the pitfalls and challenges before you that most others can not. Our set of plans will properly guide you and your builder through the many obstacles a construction project provides.

​We promise, our affordable services will even save you more money in the long run!

We'll guide you through the whole process or only part of the way if you wish!

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Understanding Architect's Fees in Planning a Simple Ranch vs. a Pinterest Spectacle

By now you've probably 'Googled' links that describe an architect's service and fees - fees ranging from 8-15% of the Construction Cost? Ouch... First, it never has to cost that much. Second, a fee like this is for potentially 6-8 months of Design Phase work and not just a small set of plans. It's for what Architects call their 'Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bidding, and Construction Phases.' We utilize these same phases in our larger commercial construction projects where planning is extremely precise and detailed offering lengthy specifications and numerous drawings. These work stages are more simply described as, Researching, Planning, Sketching, Estimating, Deciding, Detailing, Locating, Meeting, Arranging, Revising, Bidding, Calling, Inspecting, Debating, Finding, Managing, Meeting, and Finalizing! Whether your project is large or small, these tasks will somehow need to be completed. We can perform them all or just those you need help with! Stop in and we'll show you how our fee is typically less than 5% of your construction cost! Just let us know how we can help.

Obviously, your cost equates to the time one invests into your personal Dream/Space. But, does this really have to come at a higher cost?  We all know the more time you spend on something, the better it typically becomes. A meal prepared at a fast food joint is not quite as good as one prepared by Grandma who planned and toiled to accommodate all your tastes! The same really can be said for selecting a plan off the internet verses having one personally prepared for you - one that includes an analysis of yourown building tastes, and your site, with your budget, including 3D walk throughs. No worries, it is still your choice. Good design does not have to be expensive just consider the quality and time behind it... Just like that fast meal, perhaps with years of experience they've mastered it!. We’ll help you make the right design choice - on the type of time frame and budget you desire.

Ultimately, at out/back, we offer reduced scope of services packages allowing you the control of the budget as well as the extent of design we provide.Whether a few hours of design or full project management, we have already provided services for 100's of homeowners just like you in every possible design format. It was their Style - their Way. Call us to come out and view your site or existing space and we'll offer a free proposal for design services.