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My wife and I were reaching the end of our real estate rope. We loved our house. Loved our lot. But longed for an outdoor entertaining space and desperately wanted/needed additional storage space and a workshop. However, our lot and property line didn't allow for an easy solution or addition. We worked with multiple contractors only to be told there was limited ways to approach an addition and would require an exorbitant budget that would take us out of the price range for the neighborhood. We hired Marc based on recommendations from contractors and from seeing a retail remodel that he managed. Within days, he found just the solution we were looking for. He proposed multiple options and explained the benefits and drawbacks to each plan. Best of all, he took into account our personal style, even our furniture and adapted our mid/mod aesthetic to work within the neighborhood's existing architecture. He then worked with us through the painstaking task of applying for expansion variance permits with the city. Our application was so buttoned up, that we actually received a call from the lead city planner thanking us for the detailed submission. We are now just weeks away from receiving the final permit and in the midst of receiving bids.

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out/back design group • custom home design • architectural services

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