• Intro Site Visit - 1/2 Hour - Free
  • Provide Proposal Based on Your needs - Free
  • Upon Acceptance of Proposal we'll forward our Programming Questionnaires. 
  • We'll Visit the Site again to measure and  document the Space(s) for Remodeling
  • 3D CAD Draw Existing Space(s)
  • 3D CAD Draw Three or More New Design Options
  • Final Presentation Meeting with color 3D Walk Throughs
  • Deliverables Include 11x17 Drawings of All Plans & B/W 3D Depictions of Spaces.
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Design Process

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Let's take the most underutilized space of every home and make it awesome! YES, its possible! Your basement provides the best and cheapest opportunity for added space your home can offer - play, relaxation and quality living.If your home is missing a craft, fitness, bar or just another bedroom area, we'll take your program needs and design for it in your basement. YES, its possible!

Allow us to offer you a number of 2D or 3D design options to explore allowing you the ability to manage your own project with contractors for pricing and construction. Giving you a well thought out architectural plan, allows you better knowledge and control to manage and construct it yourself...

This is about 20 +/- Hours of Design Work.

Part of a full Design Proposal if you desire...

​Contact us for more details and to show you 

other basement design projects we have completed for various clients.

Kitchen & Basement Design

What Clients have said about our Work!

She wants a new kitchen and you a Packer Shrine downstairs. Or is it the other way around? It doesn't matter!  We'll analyze her wants and needs and marry goals with practicality. Are they 'Pinterest' ideas or her own?  Whatever the case, let's define together what is to be built, (or in secret for a surprise). We will assemble those ideas into that wonderful environment they've always been dreaming of - your families 'out/back.' 

Marc did us a great favor in the kitchen which we were redoing. We have no long walls, every wall has 2 windows or doors on it.  We were trying to get a larger double wall oven to fit and not have the fridge infringe into the walking space between the peninsula and the fridge, he suggested flipping the oven and fridge placement which worked perfectly. No one had ever thought of that, including me, it made an enormous difference in the workability of the room. Marc is also very easy and pleasant to work with and artistic, which we enjoyed. He does beautiful modern designs and it was wonderful to see what he could do with a 130 yr. old house.


Mary K Matharani,
​Homeowner in De Pere, Wi
We used the services of Marc Brummel from Out/Back design group to help with a kitchen redesign. It was very helpful for me to have him come in and take a look at our space. He came up with 6 different design ideas for us. It really validated my thoughts & ideas regarding the design choices we wanted to do. It was very helpful to have his knowledge regarding structure & the possibilities that would work with our house. It was interesting and fun to work with an Architect.

D. Willems,
Homeowner in Green Bay, Wi

The kitchen is the most important family space in your home. So why is it always laid out so poorly? Ever wondered what it would look like if you tore down that wall between your kitchen and your dining room? What would it look like with an island? Is your kitchen part of a corridor?  Who placed that door/window there?

​Well, let's fix those nagging problems of yours and offer some big picture solutions that you can carry on to fix by next year's Christmas! Visualize with an Architect in full 3D imagery all your options. We'll schematically draw your idea up and offer a few more solutions of our own to give you both the peace of mind to proceed construction.

outback design group Green BAY ARCHITECT 

Envision that Dream/Space you've always wished for!

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