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out/back 215  Basement Layout Consult - 2000 SF, Green Bay, Wi

Remember, we do not need to be involved through the entire project. You might be great with color, texture, and materials and would like to work with your husband on the details. No worries. Just allow us to do the big picture planning and help you visualize your spaces' awesome potential.

As part of the recession, this foreclosed home's basement was never completed and only open studded walls remained in a layout that was

not conducive to the new owners. out/back developed a number of plans that could maximize an in ground pool, views to the outside, music and entertainment areas and a bedroom and bath as well. 

out/back 301  A Classic Kitchen - Historical De Pere Home

Designed with a Master Plan, this De Pere Home in De Pere's Historical District was designed for a number of out/back improvements to be integrated over a number of years. Challenged with an old, dark 12 x 10 kitchen space, out/back and the owner developed a plan to unite two rooms together allowing the new kitchen great light, beautiful componentry and wonderful connectivity to other parts of the home. Up to eight different layouts were developed resulting in this fantastic rendition shown in a video produced by the builder. See the video here.

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out/back 210  New Kitchen - Ranch Style Home - Allouez, Wi 

For over 20 years, this woman dreamed of an 'out/back' - a new kitchen. Again, a dark, dreary kitchen was separated from the rest of the home and was merely a corridor rather than a place. Out/back showed the couple through 3D planning how this ranch could be transformed into a new vibrant home, allowing the kitchen to become a centerpiece to both in/side and out/side life. Its truly amazing how a new kitchen layout can transform a home, here integrating poorly utilized front and rear porches with a few added wall openings allowing better circulation, privacy, and connectivity all in the same scope.

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out/back 292  Basement Layout Consult - 1200 SF 

We are always honored to assist an owner in any way we can. No frills 3D design here, just good plan layouts for a couple (with a new baby) to ponder how play, storage, work and exercise space can all be accommodated in any ugly basement.

Notice the subtle but important differences in these eight, yes eight, floor plans!