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We do not need to be involved in your project from beginning to end! In fact out/back design was sprung in 1996 purely as a consulting group to offer partial design services making architectural services more affordable to those who would never considering hiring one. So, on many projects we provide services just through schematic design. This allows the final manifestation of the project to you and your contractor to manage! Simple plans and 3D's like above are still provided in this Phase. So, after this you might never hear from us again if you so desire! We do hope you send us a completed picture for our website though! You are in charge and you always determine how much or how little design service you get with out/back... 

Countless Individuals come to us with a predetermined look or style they just love. It might be their existing home or a design they found on-line. Giving us your Pinterest or Houzz links are no problem. Whether classic, colonial, or cottage style, we have worked with owners and builders to design their preferred out/back of preference and cost  Providing you a myriad of options, we'll 'architecturally' educate you along the way to assure you that dollars are not wasted and the design is to your liking. Don't worry, we will never suggest a modern ediface on the ranch you love!

Summer 2015

De Pere Contemporary Home

 What Clients Say About Us

We have a historic home and needed to replace the old carriage house with one that both was similar to the original and enhanced the existing house and property. Marc was great to work with and understood what we wanted to accomplish with this project. We moved the site up 40 ft., and built a carriage that was 25x40 extending from the original 25x34 ft. It has a deck off the back and a "studio" for me which has morphed into a little home away from home even though it is in the backyard. We retained the original foundation and turned it into an entertainment space. The site is a slope and the old building was built into the side of a hill with three floors. Marc worked to fit the new one into a more usable and closer to the house building. It looks beautiful and like it has always been there. We get many compliments on it.. Marc also did us a great favor in the kitchen which we were redoing. We have no long walls, every wall has 2 windows or doors on it.  We were trying to get a larger double wall over to fit and not have the fridge not infringe into the walking space between the peninsula and the fridge, he suggested flipping the oven and fridge placement which worked perfectly. No one had ever thought of that, including me, it made an enormous difference in the workability of the room. Marc is also very easy and pleasant to work with and artistic, which we enjoyed. He does beautiful modern designs and it was wonderful to see what he could do with a 130 yr. old house.

                                                                                                     Mary K Matharani,

                                                                                                     Homeowner in De Pere, Wi

outback design group Green BAY ARCHITECT 

Do you prefer custom home designs that are Modern and Contemporary, Sustainable and Green? Then we are your residential architect! Let out/back design group home design offer you options you never believed possible! See our gallery of current and past statement projects. We have a contemporary home design under construction right now!ontemporary home Design Custom Home Designs Green Bay 

From Astor Park to East De Pere to Door County, this area is full of Historic Period Homes. If you are lucky enough to own one of these beauties and desire to modernize that old kitchen and provide the proper garage and addition to go with it, let us help you. These homes require proper design, care and knowledge that only out/back can provide you.

Spring 2014

Ranch Kitchen


Spring 2015

De Pere Front & 

Rear Porch Addtions